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17. února 2014 v 3:58
Glee stars' racy schoolgirl photo shoot 'harming women of all ages' Glee stars' racy schoolgirl photo shoot 'harming women of all ages' Experts have warned that younger ladies posing suggestively as schoolgirls can harm women of all ages, as it promotes the concept the younger the woman, the more inviting she is. Glee stars dianna agron and lea michele got serious for a gq magazine spread released last week, set in graduating college, drawing lollipops, on their legs wide open. "The particular actresses in the glee shoot are adults, they are surely dressed as schoolgirls, fox news quoted love affair expert patrick wanis, phd as that has tips on. "This promotes and drives the male obsession and desire for younger and younger ladies. Pandora Charms Australia "The gq glee photo Pandora Bracelets Australia shoot also sends the message to women that you'll be able to be attractive and appealing to men, then you have to really young a teenager and sexual, he says. In gavin mckiernan, the fogeys television council national grassroots director, more problems with the racy glee shoot is that it is blatantly sexist. "We have seen this consistantly that youth stars are told they need to become sexy to make the step from young actress to adult leading lady, yet young male actors rarely need to jump through the hoops, mckiernan claims. In the photo distribution, monteith is fully clothed while his female furnishings are draped over him in next Pandora Beads With Stones to no clothes, sports kitschy, cliched makeup foundation.


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