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19. února 2014 v 4:24
Dress the part of wedding guest Should you wear a cocktail dress to an evening wedding or a sundress to beachfront nuptials?And what do you wear when the invite reads blacktie optional? Whether Juniors Prom Dresses it's a day or night wedding, it always best to go dressier than too casual, said david's bridal style expert. "When in doubt, always dress up.You don't have to go formal, but fun party dresses are the biggest trend right now,"Stiles said. "Weddings are formal affairs, and unless the invite specifically says casual, i wouldn't do it. " Dress styles from the oneshoulder to architectural sheaths in pink, purple or even red are among the top sellers at david's bridal. For evening weddings, dresses with sequins are among the retailer's offerings.And the little black dress is still a big seller. "It's safe,"Stiles explained. "People either have a little black dress Mother of the Bride Dresses or they are willing to spend the money on one, because they'll wear it again and again. " Other trends include lace skirts and bustiers, and solidcolored dresses, not prints. "You should dress to your individual style and dress to be comfortable,"Stiles said. "But i would caution wearing pantsuits, since they can look a lot like business attire. " When it comes to texas weddings, producer of houston's bridal extravaganza, which will be held today at the, also recommends dressing for heat, since so many weddings in the lone star state have an outdoor component. "You can always wear a great cocktail dress Cheap Wedding Dresses UK 2014 with a wrap, which can transition you to indoor air conditioning,"Veres said. Stiles (click here) and veres agree guests should never wear white. "White is the bride's color and it's the bride's day.You should respect that and not wear it,"Stiles said. "Shades of offwhite are a nono.Even if you love the dress, it's not appropriate. " "Absolutely not,"Stiles said. "Get some spanx or whatever you need, but no panty hose.They are simply outdated and unnatural.Your legs are much prettier than hose. ".


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